What ideas for a product launch?
Facilitating the marketing of the product

New product offerings are a great way for a company to continue to surprise and retain customers and even attract prospects. It is then important to communicate well on this subject so that the products sell well and that the turnover increases. One may want to set up an animation to present it and to arouse the act of purchase. But which ones to choose to make it work?

Lancement de produit : quelles animations proposer ?

The launch of a new product is not as simple as we think and a whole marketing strategy must be implemented, especially if it took time to be conceived, required money and we intend to make it profitable.
It is important to build a story around it and to develop a media plan that will be effective, sometimes depending on a certain seasonality or other determining criteria.

It may be tempting, within the company or the store, to rent an animation to attract people; whether they are already customers or not, to increase the chances of sales. It is important not to divert their attention too much from the product with animations that would not be adapted because they are too far from the product.

In the automotive sector, for example, one can choose an ice sculpture in the shape of a car or rent a connected karting activity.

Some people may be reluctant to buy a product they don't know. Offering a raffle activity to get it at a discounted price or even for free may seem like the best way to get them to show more interest.

The best way to get them to drop their suspicions is to rent the K-Bine, a new way of thinking about raffles.

Tirage au sort avec la K-Bine : fonctionnement et plus-value :

A raffle can be seen in many ways: some customers will find the idea fun and enjoy the chance to win a prize, just for the fun of playing and tempting chance. Others will always suspect that the game is rigged, and that there is, in fact, nothing to win.

The organization of a draw requires writing a set of rules explaining the nature of the winnings (promotional offer, discount, free item...) but also the terms of the game.

As far as the K-Bine is concerned, this is relatively simple. In a transparent booth, a customer enters and a countdown of a few seconds is started. Tickets (which state whether he is a winner or whether he should try again, a coupon etc...) are blown into the booth with hot air that comes from the top and bottom of the draw box together.

As they fly, it is not easy to catch them yet, the customer will of course try all possible contortions; which can already make a great time, both for the person who plays and for those who watch.
Broadcasted on the company's social networks because the K-Bine integrates very well placed cameras, this produces a very entertaining communication action that makes people who do not know the company want to be interested in it.

No one can deny that there is something to be won, as some participants can be seen proudly displaying their winning ticket.

Holding multiple raffle sessions throughout the day is great to keep people from leaving, but more importantly to attract others who may not have heard about the new product.

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