What kind of entertainment for a nightclub?
Ideas for Entertainment at Your Nightclub

Loud music, moving bodies: no doubt about it, we are in a nightclub. Perfect for relaxing after a week of stress and work, you can go alone or with someone to have a good time. When you manage this kind of place, it is important to know how to keep customers loyal with other things than music. Why not with entertainment? However, it is important to make the best choice, because the competition is tough.

Nightclub: what kind of 
entertainment can you offer?

All nightclubs have their own style. That's why they attract some people and not others, or why they are perfect at the beginning of the night, but after a certain hour people prefer to turn to the competition. Managing these places of entertainment is therefore not easy because you have to deal with the fickle nature of the clientele.

The only way to make them stay is to offer regular entertainment that will hold their attention and therefore make them stay. They will be more likely to consume on the spot and therefore generate turnover.

Timeless, classic: the theme evening. However, it is necessary to communicate well beforehand so that customers are aware of the event and are not embarrassed to enter if the night is Halloween-themed, even though they are dressed in the usual way. Not everyone likes to dress up and this can be a budget and therefore a hindrance.

Music means songs and therefore karaoke. Organising a moment where people sing along to upbeat songs or slows can be a great way to attract certain people. Some people, but not all: those who don't like to sing; or who love to sing but not in front of others; may prefer to go elsewhere to sway.

Finding the right entertainment is not always easy. However, the queen of professional entertainment, including concerts and nightclubs, the K-Bine puts everyone in agreement.

Successful nightclub entertainment with a raffle

Who doesn't like to win? Based on this principle, some French people have reinvented the principle of the draw with the K-Bine. What will be won? A free entry to encourage people to come back, a drink or even a bottle for an even more festive moment?

The only limit is the manager's imagination. He can even set up a competition to win a weekend or a trip, whatever. The important thing is to arouse curiosity and above all to make it fun.

Fun, a prize draw? Certainly, when you do it in the traditional way, it's not. But when you go into a glass booth and try to catch a winning ticket from among hundreds or thousands that are flying around, it is much more fun.

This is made possible by several things: a push button that triggers a countdown of a few seconds, two streams of air in the booth and the flight of tickets.

Catching one of them is not easy, which makes the participant laugh, but also the people present who watch the scene. Drawing lots regularly during the evening keeps the attention and, above all, prevents the customers from leaving. Next time it could be them, who knows? To find out, there's only one way to do it: enter the K-Bine and be the actor of your own luck by trying to grab the right ticket on the fly.

The big plus: the fact that the draws are filmed by cameras placed on the ticket machine and can be broadcast on social networks.

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