What entertainment options to attract customers?
How to attract customers?

Attracting customers is a challenge for companies in an ultra-competitive world. Trying to create a great customer experience can be done in many different ways, including animations that are offered as part of an open day or to introduce a new product.

Offer an original prize draw:

Many animations are unisex or not suitable for all personalities. This can turn off a good part of the prospects and therefore not increase the conversion rate.

On the other hand, 75% of French people admit to having already tried their luck with a game of chance. The fact of proposing a draw therefore seems a good idea to reach a maximum of people.

Because one can always have doubts about the impartiality of a standard draw, and therefore have a first customer experience marked by uncertainty, why not propose an innovative draw animation from French know-how: the K-Bine?

It is a transparent box, the size of which is reminiscent of a telephone booth. Each customer enters the box, while a timer is running. As soon as the doors are closed, air from the top and bottom of the box simultaneously blows away the tickets that he has to catch.

What he manages to collect: free products, perhaps, or discount vouchers; in other words, good news that will encourage him to return to the company.

How do you build customer loyalty with a ticket machine?​

Of course, since the K-Bine is transparent and the other customers can see what is going on, it is impossible to claim that it is a trick. It is the customer who playfully tries to catch the winning tickets, while the air scatters them all around him for a few seconds.

This can lead to laughter and thus to the desire of other people to try their luck, especially if the person coming out of the raffle booth is lucky enough to find a ticket offering a free product or service.

It is better to put on the ticket (the content of which depends on the wishes of the company that hires the animation), that they must return to obtain it.

Another advantage for the structure; apart from giving its prospects and customers an excellent time, the draw is broadcast live on the various social networks thanks to cameras located near the booth to capture the moment.

It's hard to do better than this to gain visibility. Videos are indeed a very popular medium with consumers. The images speak for themselves: in a few seconds, a customer can win a winning ticket.

The K-Bine is becoming a flagship animation, which appeals to customers, rental companies and event organizers alike, because of its transparency on all levels and its ultra-fun aspect.
Indeed, one can imagine, even with another animation in place, being able to offer a free ride to all those who want to try their luck. Few people will resist the urge to try it, if only to try and outdo the previous customer or simply because they like the concept and want to see how easy it is to catch a ticket or a ticket that flies around.

Shop opening, anniversary, creation of a new service, a product that will please, open days, limited access to a backstage at a concert: all occasions are good to attract customers and make your company speak positively, thanks to the K-Bine.

K-BINE capture votre instant