What entertainment options for a store opening?
Organizing an event to inaugurate your store.

For the entrepreneur, the opening of a shop is an important event in more ways than one. It is often the realization of a dream, the materialization of major efforts and a project that has been in place for many months.

But it is also where he meets his future customers and not the customers assumed in a market study. Because attracting customers is not always easy, it is important to plan an event that everyone can get behind.

Do not underestimate the importance of entertainment when 
opening a shop:

Even if you have beautiful products or offer quality services, today's entrepreneur knows that he must always do more to attract prospects and customers. The latter are being offered products internationally with the ever-increasing growth of the internet.

The opening of a physical shop, however, appeals to people who want to meet and talk.

When a shop is open, what better way to discover a product than with a discount or even a free item? There are many ways of doing this, but nothing beats a prize draw.

However, customers can be wary of this type of process. How can they be sure that there is no trickery? The French want to believe in it, especially since ¾ of them have already tried their luck with a game of chance.

To score points and above all to offer a draw that leaves no doubt as to its impartiality, there is a new, revolutionary machine, the result of French know-how and 100% fun: the K-Bine.

For all professional events with a draw, this is obviously the one to use. How does it work?

The best activity to offer when you want to make an
impression on your customers

It is a transparent booth. This feature is important for several reasons. Firstly, because everyone present can see what is going on. It is impossible to question the process and cry cheating.

In addition, judiciously placed cameras will record the moment and be able to broadcast it on the various social networks on which the company is registered to gain visibility with its customers.

One of the participants enters the booth. As soon as he or she is in the booth, a countdown begins. He or she has only a few seconds to grab a ticket that may contain a free product, a coupon for a future service or a discount.

The difficulty lies in the fact that this gesture has to be made while taking into account the air blown simultaneously from the top and the bottom of the booth, which makes them fly in all directions.

Of course, seeing a person turn around, raise his arms in the air or try to catch a small piece of paper at knee level, the people present will find the animation funny, but above all they will wonder if they will be luckier or more skillful when their turn comes. Whether or not they get the precious sesame depends on how they do it.

It is obvious that this type of animation, which is moreover innovative, in the world of the draw, has a great chance of working, especially as it is possible to rent it at other moments in the life of the shop such as a birthday, the release of a new product or a reopening after work.

Through word of mouth from people who have taken part, or because others have seen the game on social networks, there is a good chance of attracting more and more people each time. This will get people talking about your business, which is the goal of a successful marketing strategy.

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