What are the ideas for opening a business?
How to prepare

A market study and a forecast have established that the business project could work, because there is a potential clientele. However, a project leader knows that he cannot be satisfied with these few data. He will have to set up effective communication strategies on a regular basis and start finding his prospects and customers as soon as he opens his business. Planning an animation seems to be a good idea, but which one to choose?

 How to attract customers during a store or boutique opening?

Of course, an article in the press, well in advance of the opening and flyers are essential to communicate on the event, so that a maximum of people are aware of it. The quality of the products and services will only be known once the store or business is open. Therefore, you should not count on this point at first sight. The choice of an animation will therefore be decisive in attracting curious people. To remove some of the obstacles to purchase, it may be interesting to set up an event that allows people to test the products by paying less, or even to get them for free. Why, in this sense, not organize a draw?

Even if some tickets are losing and encourage visitors to try their luck again, others can offer a discount of a given percentage on the products, others a discount on a second visit (to encourage loyalty). The big winning ticket can allow to win the product, without paying a cent. Because the company is not yet known, organizing such a draw in a dematerialized way may seem risky. That's why a more traditional way of proceeding (in a physical way) is probably to be preferred. To make sure that the customers have a good time, renting the K-Bine seems to be the ideal solution. What is it exactly?

Raffle: making the right choice with
the K-Bine

Forget about the little round transparent jar where you put the names of the participants and ask an innocent hand to choose a single winning ticket. What a disappointment and frustration for all the people who have entered their identity and contact information and who are victims of fate. They may think that the draw was just an opportunity for the business to collect personal data. The only thing it has in common with the old method is transparency. Resembling a glass telephone booth, the K-Bine welcomes one participant at a time. Once they enter, the game organizer presses a red button that triggers a countdown of a few seconds and a flight of tickets inside the structure.

Jets of air coming from above and below make them fly. The person must then try to catch one, hoping of course that it will be a winner. All the other potential participants see his or her efforts and mentally work out strategies to try, when it is their turn, to catch the right ticket. Transparent on all levels, including the functioning and the progress of the game, the K-Bine has another attraction: the fact that the draw can be filmed and broadcasted on social networks thanks to cameras on the K-Bine.

This type of animation appeals to the French for several reasons: they are actors of their luck, thanks to their physical efforts and appreciate games of chance. Moreover, the animation is fun, compared to other less interactive animations. By making several draws during the opening day (or during several days, why not), the professional can count on a positive word of mouth and on a more massive influx of people, during the opening of his business.

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