Supermarket animation: ideas and prices
How to animate your business?

If only to look at the leaflets, you can see how much supermarkets compete with each other in terms of product quality, number of products, promotions and loyalty cards.
This is not always enough to stand out. Sometimes you have to be inventive by offering animations. But which ones are more likely to attract customers?

What activities can you offer when you want to attract customers?

While purchasing power has been the main preoccupation of the French for years, offering discounts on a product, on the second of the same brand, or wholesale, may seem interesting and supermarkets do not deprive themselves of this type of operation.

But it is certain that customers always want more. To get them to buy products they might not otherwise consider, free tasting is always a success.

But it is obvious that not all service providers who are not paid a lot of money to harangue the crowds are equal in this seduction operation. Between those who are a little too aggressive with customers when they have to do their shopping in a minimum of time and those who are content to wait for customers to come to them, it is not always successful in terms of sales.

In addition, when it comes to food products, animation works best when customers are hungry, leading them to make impulse purchases. The rest of the day can sometimes be considered lost.

How do you attract customers, with an animation that would have them flocking to participate? Why not a prize draw? Customers are wary of kiosks, even if they go through them. There is no guarantee that there is really anything to win, despite the flashing lights that look like smoke and mirrors. The best thing to do is to reserve the ultimate animation for this type of commercial service: the K-Bine.

How much does a supermarket animation cost?

For supermarkets, making a profit is the lifeblood of any business. Paying a service provider at a low price is a solution, but for what result?

Moreover, this animation should go beyond the walls of the supermarket to feed the social networks. Isn't that expecting too much? Of certain services, no doubt, but not of the K-Bine.

The K-Bine is a glass booth, which means it is transparent and can be used by one person at a time. The other customers in the shop can therefore see what is going on and see that there is no trickery and that there is really something to win.

It is the supermarket that hires the animation that decides on the nature of these prizes: an exceptional promotion, discount vouchers, a free product, a valuable prize... and that has them written on tickets.

These tickets will be distributed inside the booth, as soon as the customer is seated, propelled in all directions by a jet of air that comes from both the ceiling and the floor of the raffle booth. The person has only a few seconds to grab one, hoping to land on a winning ticket.

The whole operation, monitored by cameras on the booth, is broadcast on the supermarket's social networks, to encourage customers to come.

A draw every hour, for example, can encourage people to come along. The animation is similar to a classic game of chance, but more playful, which does not fail to attract customers.

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