Marketing contest: terms and conditions
Properly regulating a contest

Gaining visibility: this is a major challenge for any company. The competition being more and more present and numerous because of the Internet, it is important to never miss an opportunity to communicate on its activity and the quality of its products.

Proposing a contest, with interesting prizes is a clever way to attract new customers and keep the loyalty of others. How to set it up?

How to organize a contest: the modalities to respect

It is compulsory; when you want to organize a contest; to write a regulation including all the modalities: how the company intends to collect and use the personal data, the prizes that are to be won, who can play and how but also how to make a claim in case of dissatisfaction.

Of course, when a draw is held to determine the winner, the services of a bailiff must be used to ensure that all these rules are respected, which will certainly reassure participants.

It remains to carry out the draw. This one can be virtual, as it is often the case, because of the dematerialization. However, for the customers, this lacks personality and especially, a doubt can always remain on the truthfulness of the nature of the prizes to be won and the choice of the designated person.

To avoid any dispute, to carry out an effective communication action and especially, to contribute to make known even more its activity, it can be interesting to be interested in the innovation of a French company. This one has created the K-Bine which reinvents the genre in the best way, as much for the participants as for the company which decides to rent it.

Raffle: choosing the right animation

The raffle usually allows you to win a free product. When it has a certain market value, it is interesting for consumers. But many will be satisfied with discount coupons or promotional offers for their next visits. But you have to get the right tickets.

These can be found in the K-Bine. However, they are not so easy to catch because two blasts of air are pulsating from above and below in this glass booth, which makes them fly away.

The participant who enters the booth has a few seconds to brave the air and catch a ticket. Nobody knows, of course, what is inside. Each person is totally in charge of his or her own luck, contrary to a classic draw, which is a first asset for this French invention.

For the company, in addition to arousing curiosity, then enthusiasm, laughter by seeing the attempts of the participants fighting with the air flows, the K-Bine is also a great opportunity to communicate on the activity of the company.

The ticket booth is equipped with cameras. The creators have understood the importance of social networks for the structures. You have to be active to stay visible. Videos are an excellent support that is much appreciated by Internet users but also by customers in general.

The draw(s) can be broadcasted on the main social networks to communicate on the professional event. Internet users can see the progress of the draw, how they can win.

When it takes place several times during the day, the broadcast of the first one is like an invitation for the future sessions, if the rules allow it; this should be thought about beforehand.

There is no chance, when seeing the live draw, to think that it has been rigged or that there is nothing to win. The company gains in professionalism and seriousness, which is never to be neglected.

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