Instagram Prize Draw: How to proceed?
Conducting a social media giveaway

If social networks are massively used by individuals, no company can do without them to convey messages and communicate. At the opening of a store, an open house, or the release of a new product, planning an animation, such as a raffle can be a good idea to attract prospects and customers. But how do you get it seen on Instagram and other social networks?

How does a raffle work with
the K-Bine?

All French people admit to having tried gambling at least once in their lives. It is therefore certain that a raffle can only tickle their curiosity, especially if it allows them to win gifts, coupons, or other benefits. If some draws are done through the Internet, they tend to arouse the public's distrust. Who can certify that there is no rigging? Nothing is better than a draw in situ by renting for example the K-Bine which reinvents the concept of the draw.

A person is locked up for a few seconds in a transparent glass booth. By pressing a button, the professional who rents the animation triggers both the timer and the flight of tickets. These last ones are to be caught, which is not an easy thing because air blows from the top and the bottom of the cabin, making them go in all directions. The people who are present at this moment can see that there is no trickery and the efforts that the person inside is making to try to win one or more tickets.

When you are on the outside, it is obvious that you are strategizing to do better than the previous person. This creates a certain competition among the participants and creates laughter because the show is pleasant to watch and fun. All that remains is to spread this around, through social networks.

Why spend a draw on
social networks?

Another particularity of this machine 100% made in France: the fact that the draw is filmed by cameras judiciously placed on the cabin. This one can be broadcasted live or afterwards, on different social networks like Instagram. Even with a good communication on the event, it may have been forgotten by the customers. Seeing what's going on in the company, in the store, behind the scenes, or at an event, it can make them want to go out and try their luck in turn.

A raffle is therefore a good idea, especially if it is broadcast live and several sessions are scheduled throughout the day. In the meantime, the professional has plenty of time to present his store, his new product or to advertise his know-how. With the K-Bine, he has won the public's interest and attention. The choice of the content of the tickets is of course up to him. In order to be able to hold a draw, rules must be drawn up to explain the terms and conditions, what can be won and what to do in the event of a complaint.

The only thing that could come from the public is the upcoming return of the K-Bine, in the company, for customers to try their luck again. This may spur the structure to implement new products, now that it knows it has an audience and people willing to follow it. 

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