Animation for a competition: modalities
Organizing a contest

In order to build customer loyalty, to promote a new product or to collect new contacts (prospects), the organisation of a competition is a good way to proceed. How to do it and why take the K-Bine?

How to organise a competition when you are a professional?

The more fun a competition is, the more likely it is to attract participants, but also to arouse their curiosity.

This is why it is preferable not to opt for the traditional draw, which consists of picking one winning ticket and one only in a ballot box, or to do it in a dematerialized way. The K-Bine or ticket machine; as we will see; redraws by dusting them, the contours of the contest as everyone knew it.

It is essential to draw up rules indicating the conditions of participation, the start and end dates of the competition, the prizes to be won and by what means, etc. It is also important to note that each participant can make a claim and by what means, just as it is essential that the draw be verified by a bailiff, which tends to reassure the participants.

Of course, in order to attract as many people as possible, the prize(s) to be won should be interesting and of a certain value.
Promising a discount of a certain percentage on a service or even a free product is perfect, especially if the product is known, appreciated or new.
It is a good way of removing certain obstacles, which can generally be financial, even if there is a real interest on the part of participants, clients, or people
in general.

The many advantages of the K-Bine or ticket machine:

Advertising before the competition is held is of the utmost importance. If you decide to rent the K-Bine, giving a demonstration and spreading it on social networks can only be attractive, because everyone can see that it is fun, that each participant is on an equal footing with another and that it promises a nice moment.

The concept is simple and yet totally innovative: tickets (discount tickets, but also the jackpot) fly away in a transparent cabin for a few seconds, thanks to air blasts coming from the bottom and the top of the ticket machine.

During this time, which scrolls on a digital screen that everyone can see, the person who has validated his or her entry form (to feed the customer file), must try to catch one, which is of course not easy.

Tous les autres participants assistent à cet étrange ballet et cela fait rire, même si secrètement, les personnes se demandent (et espèrent) qu’elles arriveront à faire mieux, pour gagner.

All the other participants watch this strange ballet, and it makes people laugh, even if they secretly wonder (and hope) that they will manage to do better, to win.

For the company, renting this animation is interesting in more than one way despite the obligation to set up internal rules, because it attracts people en masse, it is possible to make several draws (it must be stipulated) and especially that these can be broadcasted, thanks to cameras present on the transparent booth, on social networks for a professional communication and marketing that could not be more effective.

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